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August 28th, 2014
REPENT feat Baby Brave »

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Free Entry

Baby Brave

Baby Brave 1

Say Hello to Baby Brave, Wrexham’s lethal injection of sunshine. Emmi Manteau (Guitar/Vocals), Steve Nicholls (Guitar), Mike Jones (Drums), and Sian O (Bass) got together two years ago and quickly began creating classic pop songs drenched in droning, distorted, feedback.

The end result is a sound as reminiscent of Tilly and The Wall and B52’s, as it is My Bloody Valentine and St. Vincent.

The band have supported Charlotte Church, Slow Club, and Stealing Sheep; and will be heading out on the road to play anywhere and everywhere in support of their latest E.P. ‘King Horse’ released on the 1st of August 2014..



The Sound You’ll Hear (aka THE SUPREME TRUTH)

GOOD STRONG MUSIC. It will be both VARIOUS and EXTRA SPESH. we do not understand the point of Rihanna but we know that Wu-Tang are forever.

Humans (aka The GOOD and the BADASS)

We play music for good people who have ears and like denim: skinny jeans, baggy jeans, cut-off into hot-pants jeans. And jeans that have Nice’d Up a Dance or two in their time

Drinking (aka The RAPTURE aka The LIBATION)

Two pint buzz is the world’s best buzz: we sell pints. Two-cocktail buzz is also excellent and often too expensive: but not here. Two for one on a variety of lip-smacking brain-shaking cocktails.

Tequila (aka The TEMPTATION of Jesus Chris)

In the year 1600, Tequila was invented by crazy a Mexican especially for lco Cestrians. THAT’s YOU! Together we will celebrate the intelligence and kindness of Don Pedro Sanchez de Tagle by letting you pay 100pesos £1 for one Tequila. Mucho Calor: No Doubt.

August 29th, 2014
Chemistry Lane »

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Free Before 9pm, £4 Thereafter

Chemistry Lane Promo-22web

Bridging the gap between the intensity and momentum of a rock band, and the clinical electro loops of dance floor hypnosis, Chemistry Lane surf waves of paranoia that redirect your gaze toward the illusion, like slight of hand in reverse.

Influences range far and wide from shoegaze and orchestral post-rock bands like Slowdive, Spiritualized and Godspeed! You Black Emperor, to new wave groups such and Talking Heads and Echo and the Bunnymen.  Recent appreciation for bands such as Deerhunter and The Phantom Band have allowed the group to unlock a new direction.

Chemistry Lane combine the dreaminess of experimental indie with a layered instrumental depth of sound that results in powerful, almost hypnotic melodies and warm spine tingling atmospheres.

“Melody twists through a perfect storm of oceansize guitars, dark grooves and brooding beats.”

August 30th, 2014
The Hexmen »

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Free Before 9pm, £4 Thereafter

The Hexmen

The band was founded by frontman vocalist and harmonica player George Hexman in the late 70s, joining forces with major movers and shakers of the Liverpool music scene. Throughout the 80s and 90s, The Hexmen line-up was a shifting collaboration of local luminaries including members of The Las, Edgar Jones (The Stairs, Oasis, Paul Weller), the Boo Radleys, Elvis Costello (Alan Mayes/Rusty), Electrofixion (Echo and the Bunnymen), Cast and Dr Phibes among others, side projects included Los Rackerteeros ( Charlie Whitney from supergroup Family) and Film soundtracks .

Although they have always been known as a blues band, the Hexmen’s material is not that easy to categorise. The band’s music is blues based certainly but the defining quality of the Hexmen has always been energy with an aggressive, indie edge and a psychedelic undercurrent that lends extra dimensions to the music. Notwithstanding George’s historic links with the 80s and 90s Liverpool music scene, the current band members have an exciting pedigree. George himself, vocals (and a much sought after session blues harp player), has recorded with with some of the most significant indie bands of the past 20 years.

On guitar is Colin Guthrie is one of Merseyside’s & UK’s foremost blues guitarists and has played alongside some of the greats including Steve Gibbons. His former bands include Gran Torino, Stadium, Cherokee and Wild Spirit. Influences include Ritchie Blackmore, Rory Gallagher, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Joe Bonamassa.

Bass player Mike Cain and  Mat Shaw on drums. Mike & Mat have gigged together for over 25 yrs before joining The Hexmen, their former bands include AgentX, PTP, Fallen Empire, Razor & The Cactus Elves amongst others

September 4th, 2014
Dreaming Of Kate – Kate Bush Tribute »

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£12.00 Tickets



Kate Bush Tribute 1

“Dreaming of Kate” is the brainchild of Haarlem (NL) based singer Maaike Breijman and Liverpool (UK) based drummer Paul Tsanos. They met at the Belfast Taste and Music Fest in 2010, where Maaike performed some Kate Bush songs on what was her first performance abroad. Ambitious Maaike was looking for more shows abroad and managed to kick off her career in Liverpool. When her busy Holland based musicians’ schedules couldn’t fit the rising demand abroad anymore, Maaike started working with a Liverpool based band instead, though adding Dutch backing vocalist Jerney Molenaar to her line up.

In 2013, the band toured across the UK and Holland with what was then known as “Wow – A Celebration of the Music and Artistry of Kate Bush”, and received standing ovations in all 14 theatres, among which the famous Shepherds Bush Empire (London) and Royal Theatre Carré (Amsterdam). Their audience included members of the Kate Bush fan club in both countries, and celebrities like Bonehead (Oasis), Vinny Peculiar, Johnny Robinson (X-Factor), and Del Palmer.

After splitting – due to various reasons – with the producer of “Wow” (who then got offered a production job for Kate’s own Before the Dawn show), the full band and lead singer Maaike decided to continue the project. With the conviction that performing Kate Bush’ music requires dedication to the look and performance, the band and Maaike developed Dreaming of Kate as a theatrical show. This means Maaike is not just a lead singer: she sings, dances, plays the piano and puts herself through a number of costumes changes. Maaike says: “The concept of the show can be a bit confusing. People expect us to be a regular band since we are a band. But with all the costume changes, dance routines and props we are more than that. On the other hand, we are not performing a musical or any particular story, which is what people expect when you say ‘costumes’ and ‘stage props’. We aim to perform, well… a fantasy, a dream.”

What others think of us“The moves, the dancing, the costumes, the facial expressions were all as you’d imagine how Kate would perform a concert as Maaike morphed into Kate. She was completely uninhibited, free and believable and the audience loved her.”
(Yvonne Delahaye – uktheatre.net)
“Yes, once again, Maaike succeeds in performing Kate’s music in a way that makes you see how Kate herself would do it. Even the fans who saw the show back in 1979 confirm that.”
(Kate Bush fanclub – The Netherlands)
“Breijman is quite a marvel. Capturing Bush in her dance moves, voice and look – sometimes it’s quite scary.”
(Jo-Anne Rowney -getbucks.co.uk)“When she tours again I order you to do your utmost to see her. Sell your Granny, send your kids to sweep chimneys, do whatever it takes just make sure you are there for Maaike’s next tour. That’s an order ok!”
(justwilliam1959 – wordpress)“’Wow! Wow! Wow! Unbelievable. Ooh yeah you’re amazing, we think you’re incredible!’ Never have song lyrics seemed more apt than watching Maaike Breijman perform as Kate Bush”
(Yvonne Delahaye – uktheatre.net)

Kate Bush Tribute – Dreaming of Kate