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Listings for July 18th, 2008

APPEARING ON Friday, July 18th, 2008

The Grand Architects

architects.jpgFree before 9pm, £4 thereafter.

In 2007, newly resurgent, The Grand Architects came together to form a country-blues band in Liverpool and perform various other suspicious operations against darker forces. Due to stupendous hype, their first two Liverpool shows sold out, and in only six months they have bridged the gap between the four-to-the-floor rock attitude and folk sensibility. Teaming up with local stars such as John Smith and Peter and the Wolf onstage at a host of spectacularly original, comfortingly memorable shows in Liverpool, they’ve forged a distinct new sound for the modern world: a world where the old legends and new angers meet, populated by broken hearts and over-run with SUVs.