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Listings for November 4th, 2008

APPEARING ON Tuesday, November 4th, 2008


Nizlopi announce last tour dates for 2 years!!!!!!

‘Last Nights on Tour’ Oct/Nov 2008

Tickets £10.00

After 1500+ worldwide shows, a chart conquering number 1, two studio albums and one ‘Mini Album’, half a million records sales, numerous industry awards and musical adventures to just about every corner of the planet the band have decided its time to take a break. Nizlopi will NOT be performing any shows, any where in 2009 but will be spending the year “writing, traveling, learning and getting inspired” so this really is one of the last chances to get to see Nizlopi live for some time.

It’s been 17 years since that momentous day on the school bus when, at the age of 13, Luke met John and the Nizlopi musical partnership took its first tentative steps into the world? Well it’s been a pretty wild trip, traveling the world playing with the great and the good [Christina Aguilera, Billy Bragg, Jamie Cullum, Damien Dempsey, Rory McLeod etc. etc] and now the boys need time to recharge.

As a band and as a label we’ve travelled a hard and rocky road, we’ve achieved some amazing things and had the good fortune to encounter some of the most devoted, supportive, loving fans a band could hope for – you know who you are.

Without you it would have been meaningless! Thank you.

This is a tough industry that is going through some seismic changes. Luke and John and the rest of the team will be taking a break after running our own independent label, fighting to stay independent and ‘taking on the industry’ in a David and Goliath-like dance. It has put a huge strain on a small team. But these challenges bring out the best in us, and this tour, like all the previous ones, will be the best yet – followed by a well deserved rest!

So after this tour Luke will be ‘walking the earth, writing songs, and learning from activists’, song writers and farmers’, and John will be practicing for 29 hours a day and running marathons in his lunch hour….

“The ‘Make It Happen’ tour was wonderful for us, from Brighton to Inverness and Norwich to Galway – we had inspiring shows and incredible receptions. We knew we wanted to do this again in the autumn so here we come”.

This tour will be a celebration of the last 17 years of Nizlopi, touring, writing recording and shaking shit up. We’ll be playing in classic intimate venues and going for broke with the music we love – face to face, body to body, soul to soul”.

Believe me, this will be special……

‘intense, angular & beautiful’ Colin Murray bbc radio one 2007

‘nizlopi are the real thing’ the guardian

‘When were you in a gig last where the people smiled so broad

that the reflection from their teeth contributed to the acoustics?’ bbc

Nizlopi – Last Nights on Tour!

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