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Listings for December 9th, 2008

APPEARING ON Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

The Bad Shepherds

Tickets £15.00

Adrian Edmondson’s Folk Punk Explosion – The Bad Shepherds


Hello, I’m Adrian the Bad Shepherd. This is my band.

These are some truths I know:

  • I love the songs of ’76 – ’82. I was 19 in ’76 when punk arrived. Those songs were the soundtrack to my life as I went through Uni and started pretending to be a comedian. I loved the noise, the faces and the attitude.
  • I love making music. Got my first guitar when I was 13 and along the way I’ve picked up ten other guitars, a banjo, a ukelele, two trumpets, a banjolele, a mandolin, an autoharp, a charanga, two pianos, a tenor guitar, a triangle and even made myself some ‘Coconuts’ (made – strangely enough – from a coconut).
  • I love folk music, I love the noise – at its live best it’s the most exciting music to be in the same room with.
  • It occured to me that punk was the folk music of its day.

I decided to form a band to reflect all of the above.It would be great if you came along for the ride.CheersAdrian


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