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Listings for January 15th, 2009

APPEARING ON Thursday, January 15th, 2009

.org presents The Orb DJ set

Tickets £10


The new year brings a new bi monthly night with one singular aim… To showcase quality acts that have never played Chester before.
First up, We’re proud to announce that Dr Alex Paterson, Founding member or The Orb will be joining us to kick off proceedings.

Local boys DJ Deviant, Easy & Funkdub’s 3DJ will be on hand to get things moving as well as a host of visual treats supplied by the one & only Richard Starbuck.

Tickets selling fast orb.jpg

Alex Biog…

Alex Paterson was born on a common, on a crispy chilled October morning.

What were the skies like when you were young? Eighteen years ago the clouds would catch the colours of the Acid House party sweeping across Britain, as hundreds of thousands of bored heads found identity in a new kind of dance music – an escape route from a grim Britain buckling under Tory control. Alex Paterson was one of those 24-hour party people driven to create his own music and with the facelessness and openness of house meaning absolutely no rules, this was going to be fun. When The Orb landed with their collage trickery, it reflected the zing in the air that anything was possible, and they proved it; perverting the charts without a chorus was one product of The Orb’s clowning sense of the absurd and conveying the emotional impact of space exploration through suggestion and a handful of samples was another clever trick. During the Renaissance they’d have called it alchemy.

The story of how the Orb implanted itself on Planet Pop and with such uncompromising un-commercial music is now a recognised tale. How the ex-roadie, for post-punk band Killing Joke, Alex Paterson and his friend Jimmy Cauty landed a slot at DJ Paul Oakenfold’s Land Of Oz night and created the first chill-out haven aided by as many record decks, tape recorders and CD players as they could blag, inverting house music’s golden rule by dropping the thump of the kick drum and thus inventing Ambient House during some barmy, balmy evenings during the summer of ‘89.

Since The Orb’s 1991 debut album “The Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld”, which brought with it inspiring new vistas on dance music, flooded with dub and techno rhythms, tied together with Alex’s now trademark bent-out-of-shape samples, Alex Paterson has lead the charge of innovative British DJs on an unsuspecting world. The Orb continues to journey the globe playing expectant festival crowds on every continent in every season. Along side that, it is Alex, the only full-time member of The Orb, who goes out with a bag of records time and again to learn new sounds, make new connections and tend to The Orbs roots in the clubs and parties of a scene that continues to change shape and direction in the blink of an eye.

While the The Orb and Alex Paterson lead very disparate lives it is impossible to actually separate them. It’s the ultimate symbiotic relationship. One feeds the other and the other feeds the one. Like schizophrenic Siamese twins, there’s no telling where they’ll go next but you can be sure one will lead the other into uncharted and unlikely territory, always surprising, always exciting, ever pulsating.


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