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Listings for September 19th, 2009

APPEARING ON Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Funkdub Live Presents… CHINA SHOP BULL [+]

“Funkdub is for people who love: Funk, Dub, Soul, Hip-Hop, Rock n Roll & beyond and are tired of the bland retreads of mainstream bullshit!”

Funkdub holds a monthly/regular residency on Saturday nights at Telford’s Warehouse…

Started in October 04 by frustrated waxologists 3DJ & Gentleman Kush, over the 3 years we have brought little old Chester the likes of: Jimmy Screech (Banana Clan), Greg Wilson (Electo Funk Roots), Yes King (ARP), Max Sedgley & The Shoots (Sunday Best), Little Barrie (Genuine/PIAS), Keb Darge (KayDee Records), Pama International (Trojan Records), Stoned Soul Picnic (Hammond Beat), Diesler (Tru Thoughts), The Stopouts, Stet & Robochop / Deviant (Planet Of The Breaks), Phat Phil Cooper, Phil Charnock & Ste Hodge (Sick Trumpet), Alex Sweeney (Bongovision)…