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Listings for October 31st, 2009

APPEARING ON Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Halloween Voodoo Party with The Cubical

£4 after 10pm

Halloween Voodoo Party

with Live Performance from

The Cubical

“Out of tune guitars clang and the bass and drums shuffle just right enough to raise the ghost of willie dixon, track down captain beefheart circa safe as milk and have a chat with the la’s. And the singer’s raspy vocal might just shatter your lightbulbs.”

“Much of the charm of, and pleasure to be gleaned from, the Cubical is that hearing their music is like stumbling across some dusty long-lost recordings of forgotten voodoo rockers, while seeing them live is apparently like being sent back to the 60s to witness the Doors at Whisky A Go-Go or the Stones at the Flamingo…Superbly “realistic”, authentically 60s-sounding blues-wailing and jungle boogie with lashings of harmonica and psychedelic guitar.” (The Guardian)