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Listings for December 11th, 2009

APPEARING ON Friday, December 11th, 2009

Lowline [+]

LOWLINE – Friday December 11th

Free admission before 9pm, £4 thereafter

Intent on carving their own unique place in rock and roll; LOWLINE, fresh from completing their first European tour, are currently holed up in one of Manchester’s trademark industrial mills, Moolah Rouge Studios, putting the finishing touches to their debut album-set for release in Winter/Autumn 2009.

Previous single releases include debut single Monitors and Sound of Music, both epic tracks produced by Oasis & New Order producer Owen Morris. Both released on 1-2-3-4 Records (Whitey, The Bishops), they grabbed the eye of DJ’s, journalists and audiences alike, as the band found places on the playlist of Zane Lowe, Colin Muarry, Huw Stevens and Jon Kennedy whilst featuring on the pages of NME, The Sun and The Guardian.

Live, the band are immense. They have crafted a rip-roaring show and brim with energy and confidence, which combined with their dance sensibility that has seen them demanding attention at shows across the country. Recently, a rift of their own raucous live shows as well as tours with The Enemy and Happy Mondays have seen Lowline continue to cultivate an ardent fan base, as tales continue to spread about their recent warehouse parties in Manchester (which have guested the likes of The Verve’s Nick McCabe).

This album is to be released amidst a massive level of radio and press interest, with support already emerging from Radio 1, NME & XFM in England. They now embark upon another vigorous touring schedule throughout the UK and Europe over the next few months in support of the album.

The word is out and Lowline are one of the UK’s most exciting new prospects as they assert their place in music and rapidly state their claim to being “More Manchester Greats” NME.

* Gun In My Side/Monitors are available on limited 7” Vinyl and free digital download.

* Their previous single Sound of Music is currently available for free download on www.myspace.com/thisislowline

“More Manchester greats”


“Another Manchester success story…and their latest stars”


“Arguably the most exciting new band to have emerged from Manchester in recent times.” GUARDIAN

“Lowline make timeless music like no-one can at the moment. Music with balls.”