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Listings for January 22nd, 2010

APPEARING ON Friday, January 22nd, 2010


“Trader have been propagating melodic seeds all over their hometown of Wrexham since 2006. They’re fresh-faced youngsters who’d get asked for ID in most of the pensioners’ watering holes I frequent. No surprises, then, that this track – Mi Amour – is resplendent in its wide-eyed, childish wonder. It’s a fine, anthemic tune that that refracts the brighter rays of Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev into something stirring and timeless. It reminds me of Roy Orbison’s In Dreams, too, in that it eschews a predictable verse / chorus structure in favour of throwing as many shapes into the air as possible. It maybe a little too eager to please or impress. But I prefer that kind of eagerness over faux insouciance disguising a barren imagination any day of the week. I don’t know about love, but me like this a lot.”
Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales