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Listings for April 12th, 2010

APPEARING ON Monday, April 12th, 2010

King Creosote

King Creosote

Monday 12th April – Tickets £10.00

Tickets £10

In a world where uncoolness can mean cool and zany uniqueness is two-a-penny, you might expect the original zany nerd King Creosote to be swallowed up. But despite some un-radio-friendly song titles (Saw Circular Prowess anyone?) and lyrics professing ”you’ve seen me wading through reviews I don’t deserve”, his new album Flick The Vs simply does deserve the plaudits – it’s an absolute corker.

Creosote, a.k.a. Kenny Anderson’s, self-declared fifth album charms from the word go with lilting Scottish vocals and pace and style changes that keep you guessing. Two Frocks At A Wedding is hauntingly delicate, while Camels Swapped For Wives is a slow burner that builds to a crescendo that simply begs for some car karaoke.

Opener No One Had It Better wouldn’t be out of place on Skins, while the appropriately named Fell An Ox could soundtrack a nature programme (and that way you might get away with omitting kooky lyrics like ”perfume makes me sneeze, among other allergies”).

Rims provides a Ceilidh hoedown Lily Allen could only dream of, as well as a perplexing combination of depressing lyrics (”I am the worst”) laid over the most upbeat of melodies. Closer Saw Circular Prowess is just epic and Nothing Rings True twinkles amongst the others like a delicate jewel.

If there is a whinge, it’s that some of the tracks are a tad on the lengthy side – aforementioned Travis and Lady Gaga lovechild No One Had It Better clocks in at nearly seven minutes long – but when the content’s this good you can’t really complain. Let’s just say it’s no surprise rip-roaring first single Coast On By got named Single Of The Week on Radio 2.

Released off the back of the Anstruther weekend festival Homegame, organised by the man himself and his Fence Collective pals, don’t be surprised if Flick The Vs makes the notoriously publicity-shy Anderson more popular than the stuff of his worst nightmares.