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Listings for May 27th, 2010

APPEARING ON Thursday, May 27th, 2010

DoodlePlanet [+]

Thursday 27th May – Free Admission

Free Admission

Expect more of the same DoodlePlanet loveliness, and feel free to bring your own preferred drawing tools, pencil, gouache etc. Thanks to the introduction of the card sheets, we are delighted to see a much more varied work output in terms of style, this included a load of illustrators from Glyndwr University (great work), and some fantastic stuff by some of the DP regulars (Abi, Julian).

As always, POSCA pens and drawing surfaces provided by DoodlePlanet. Just bring yourselves and your smiles.

(Due to us being indoors at the lovely Telford’s Warehouse, I must stress that there can be NO spray-paints at the event, this is pretty much a common sense issue. When the sun starts to shine again, we will deffo be working on getting an outdoor Jam organised.)