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Listings for July 31st, 2010

APPEARING ON Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Loonaloop [+]

Saturday 31st July

£4 Admission Breakbeat/Electronica

Loonaloop are a live Australian electro dance band, who have been active on the international festival circuit since early 2003. The band has performed at festivals and clubs across the globe, boasting performances at some of the world’s finest events such as Glastonbury (UK), Beach Bop (NL), Dance Valley (NL), Planet Roxy (CZ), Big Day Out (AUS), as well as many cultural festivals and dance party’s. Best described as a live organic dance band, Loonaloop’s music is an excursion into the various styles and genres of electronic music that are current in the modern dance scene, drawing on influences ranging from drum and bass, trance, house and electronica.