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Listings for July 23rd, 2010

APPEARING ON Friday, July 23rd, 2010


Friday 23rd July – £4 Entry

Of notable membership of this new Manchester outfit are Martin Merchant (formerly of The Sugar Merchants and Audioweb), co-writer Simon Collier and Ex-Wilson frontman Steve Wilson. These were bands that held bigger stages in an era when I was in a band myself. They were definitely acts to look up to, gathering their own respect for experimenting with music that defied the trends in force at the time. So here in 2010 (which must seem like some kind of science fiction compared to the late 80’s – which is when most of the band members here served their apprenticeships), SupaJamma are causing something of a stir. Martin Merchant is soulful and playfully gathers an edgy push at his choosing, against the bands occasionally dubby outlook. “It’s Alright” could be dressed up as a Mark Ronson / Gnarls Barkley vehicle and smuggled into the top ten, despite the modest, slightly garagey recording. This is very much a back to basics effort, but the whole collection shines on the strength of the songs and the lively, organic bustle of straight up guitar and keys indie soul. Lessons can be given by SupaJamma on how to distil the essence of Manchester past into an original, catchy musical swagger and this is a somewhat refreshing result.