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Listings for September 4th, 2010

APPEARING ON Saturday, September 4th, 2010

Congo Dia Ntotila [+]

Saturday 4th September – £4 Entry

Formed in 2010, Congo Dia Ntotila began as a collaboration between Congolese musicians Rasta P and Dady Kisonga, guitarist John Kelly, and percussionist Andy Sampson. Formerly performing throughout Africa in well known bands (including Patrouille des Stars, Nouvelle Generation, Equinox, Diamond Musica and New Stars Musica) Rasta P and Dady set out to spread the sound of Seben further afield.

The musical backgrounds of Andy (Latin American) and John (Jazz) bring subtle new sounds to the style. From there the band expanded into the large-scale operation you are viewing here! The resulting sound is both refreshing and exciting.

Already attracting a great deal of interest among African audiences throughout the UK, the news of Congo Dia Ntotila is spreading fast. Listen out for the debut album “Seben Steps to Heaven!” coming soon, but meanwhile LISTEN!…. and dance…..