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Listings for September 24th, 2010

APPEARING ON Friday, September 24th, 2010

Miyagi – The Electrosauras Tour [+]

Friday 24th September – £4 Entry

Proudly presented by Silicone Fish


Miyagi are a strange and special creature. An explosive five-piece band with a distinctive sound, they utilise the rare combination of saxophone and cello alongside 5-part vocal harmony to compliment their drums/bass/guitar rhythm section. Drawing comparisons with the Beach Boys, The Band and The Beatles they proudly wear their love of the vintage on their sleeves, but infuse their sunny-toned songs with a raw energy and dancefloor pulse that pulls them into the 21st Century. In an effort to capture this symbiosis of old and new, the band spent much of 2009 recording their second album in an unorthodox style. Combining classic and modern recording techniques, the band laid down the basic tracks live (drums, bass and guitar) direct to 1/2″ two-track tape using only two microphones. Overdubs of vocals, cello, sax and percussion were then added using modern digital recording equipment and close miking techniques. The result is a truly unique sounding record which perfectly reflects the band’s sound and sensibilities. Titled ‘Electrosaurus’, the album will be released on Slow Train Records on 26th July 2010 with a UK tour in the pipeline for September.