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Listings for October 28th, 2010

APPEARING ON Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Doodlepumpkin [+]

Free Entry

Eek!….We’ve been invaded by PUMPKINS!!

I can’t believe it, everywhere I go I see PUMPKINS, Tesco entrance, T.V, DoodlePlanet! We even made pumpkin soup last night.

From what I’ve heard, DoodlePlanet has been over-run by PUMPKINS also, it’s even the proud owner of a new name for this one-off Halloween special…..welcome to DOODLEPUMPKIN!

Expect all the usual DoodlePlanet loveliness with added twists:
PUMPKINS to Doodle on!
Black boards instead of the usual white
Fancy dress if you fancy it
Banging tunes all night long
One-off Pumpkin stickers from the Compulsive Scribbler
Free admission
Pen-pots with six colours can be hired for £5 with £2 back on return
Monster themed Artwork??
Eating/drinking and dancing
Just bring along yourselves…..all the fun is packed into Telford’s Warehouse waiting for YOU!

Look forward to seeing you all there if you dare……….

Compulsive Scribbler.