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Listings for November 5th, 2010

APPEARING ON Friday, November 5th, 2010

Cat Scratch Fever featuring Paul Kappa (original line-up) [+]

Friday 5th November – £4 Entry

The first band to ever grace the stage at Telford’s Warehouse (as it stands in its current guise anyway…) Cat Scratch Fever in their original lineup return to make their triumphant return after what many expected to be an indefinite hiatus.

The peculiar Liverpool cult band formed in the late summer of 1992 featuring two ex members of Liverpool group ‘The Lawnmower’ Tony Doyle (AKA Tox Jameson) and D.A. Dolman (AKA Two-Gun Tennessee Slim) asked Paul Kappa (AKA Dr Hank B Death) if he would join with them in a musical appreciation of all things Sun Session. It was for a couple of gigs, and just for a kick. They played The Casablanca Club on Hope St. Liverpool and the reaction was so good they did it again and again and again, until in 1998, after more than 1800 gigs, Paul quit the band.

In those six years, they appeared at Glastonbury (1997) and Cropredy (1998), incidentally Paul’s last ever gig with the band. They appeared on several times on TV and were regulars with Mark Lamarr on his afternoon show on GLR, brodcast from Baker St. in London.

So once again Dr Hank B Death… a frock coated ,Colt Navy totin’ guitar player, ripping Country and Eastern apart, with his faithful pals Tox Jameson and Two-Gun Tennessee Slim will take Telford’s by force and rip the place to shreds…  Don’t miss this stunning show from the resurected Cat Scratch Fever.