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Listings for November 20th, 2010

APPEARING ON Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Wille & The Bandits

£4 Entry

One of the most exciting and talked about acts to emerge in the past year, their sound seems to be an amalgamation of the best elements of music from every era creating a new vibe which is wholely their own. Imagine dusting off your old vinyl and blasting it out in your new spaceship.

The band are embarking on a similar trail to those great British bands of the 70’s such as Led Zeppelin, Cream and the Rolling Stones by trying to put their take on the blues into a different format and bringing it into the present, whereas the bands in the 70’s sped it up and made it electric the bandits are taking a different approach to the rhythm section using more hip hop and reggae grooves.

“Front man Will Edwards’ whiskey soaked drawl and inspired slide guitar licks hark back to the 1930’s Mississippi, while drummer Andy Naumann and bassist Kieran Doherty drag the Bandits brilliantly unique sound into the 21st century” (GO2 Magazine)

Wille is regarded by many as one of the most innovative lap steel players in the country while the guitar lays across his lap all sorts of sounds can be heard, from the soft trippy soundscape’s associated with Dave Gilmore’s playing right through to the thunderous distorting blues licks of Rage against the Machine, add this to Wille’s gravelly voice and the more than capable rhythm section ‘The Bandits’ the concoction becomes irresistible.

The Bandits and Wille endeavour to cover a wide range of genres from mellow folk and Americana to bouncing reggae and full on blues rock. The band are comfortable in any situation, whether it be a sit down affair or a huge festival stage, they have the musicanship and songs to play the right music at the right time to please any audience.

The band are regarded as one of the hardest working bands in Europe and notched up an incredible 200 gigs in 2009. The band have continued to develop an ever increasing underground fan base across Europe, the main catalyst being their intense live shows and passionate determination to bring real music back to the forefront of the UK music scene.