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Listings for February 18th, 2011

APPEARING ON Friday, February 18th, 2011

Holy Coves

£4 Entry

From the ashes of Holyhead shoegaze rockers The Lizzies, Holy Coves first began to blossom in spring 2009. The remaining duet of Scott Marsden and Jimmy Eggleton were intent on bringing fresh and innovative ideas to the new project. Both held similar influences, though the subtle differences between would soon help bring depth and originality to their sound.

…Several months passed, with hour upon hour spent in their purposely-adapted barn, thrashing out new sounds, structures and compositions. Soon there was more clarity, and a more focused direction to the music. Now they knew where they wanted to go, how they wanted to sound and how they wanted Holy Coves to be perceived. So all that remained was finding the missing pieces to the puzzle.

Enter drummer Ash Garden, closely followed by former Wendykurk guitarist Ben Lee. Suddenly something was different, as if catalyst and chemicals had begun some great reaction. The music became darker, held more of a groove, and had a life and soul of its own. With electrifying atmosphere and a silent vibe emanating from the band, the music had energy and raw power. Everyone knew something had clicked.

Now truly born, Holy Coves continued to develop, creating a fusion of driven amps and heavy distortion, welded with a psychedelic, pitch-shifting tremolo. Complimented by articulate song writing and meticulous structures, a blend of psych rock and sexy, sleazy rock ‘n’ roll emerged. And with it a sound well received as they toured some of the finest, most prestigious venues on British unsigned circuit.

So ask the band what they’re all about and the answer is always the same. “Reality”. Far from false, manufactured or cynical, Holy Coves are about real musicians playing real music for real people. Four regular guy’s all sharing the same vision, and the same belief in what they’re doing, driven by the same determination and will to succeed. Just like singer-songwriter Scott Marsden says: “If you really want something, if you have the drive to carry on where others fail, and if you have the ability to see clearly in a world of deceit, then anything is possible…”


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