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Listings for February 19th, 2011

APPEARING ON Saturday, February 19th, 2011

The Wildcards

£4 Entry

Arguably, the most original and exciting British Blues & Roots band of recent years. The Wildcards have a widespread and growing following, built from constant touring and appearing at many of the biggest and most prestigious venues and festivals on the European Blues circuit. With three critically
acclaimed albums under their belt the band may now be poised on the edge of real acclaim.

The Wildcards strength lies in the very real, jaw-dropping, intense, high energy live performances given at every show by vocalist and guitarist Vince Lee, guitarist Martin Vowles, bass player Al Wallis and drummer Kevin Crowe.

“The Wildcards are fronted by the explosive Vince Lee, who puts out more energy than Sizewell-B Power Station, they defy pigeon-holing. ‘Rocka-punkabilly-power-swing-blues, devilish, filthy, passionate!’ Throw in a world-class band, and what have you got? Barely restrained insanity and
deeply wonderful music” Ashburton Blues Festival, UK The Wildcards were formed in 2003, a coming together of four talented and experienced South
Devon musicians who had previously toured in over 20 countries with the widely popular bands The Nightporters and Vince Lee’s Big Combo. Heavily immersed in obscure blues, jazz, rockabilly, ska, punk and musical weirdness, The Wildcards have distilled their sound into a spicy, dark, delicious
gumbo that they really can call their own. Blues In Britain magazine called it “Musical mayhem worthy of Screaming Jay Hawkins or Louis Jordan…yes, it’s that good!”