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Listings for April 29th, 2011

APPEARING ON Friday, April 29th, 2011

Shy And The Fight [+]

Friday 29th April – £4.oo Entry

Shy and the Fight are a collective of six musicians from around the Wirral, Chester and North Wales areas who have a lot to give and after countless years of trying now believe they’ve found the right outlet.

Each of the group’s five men and one lady; Thomas Hyndman, Chris Done, Carrie Anderson, Tom Wootton, Michael Deponio and Jackson Almond, started out performing either solo or in different bands of completely different genres, before deciding to fire all their talents at one other and see what happened. They now blend live instruments and their love for the organic with the inescapable sound of electronics.

They will possibly tell you that there has never been a band so happy to be playing music together. Their overall set up consists of a banjo, a violin, a glockenspiel, two acoustic guitars, a bass, a melodica, a drum set, lap steel, five singing voices 12 hands that clap and glitchy electronics. Despite the sheer number of different elements shy and the fight still manage to capture a sound that could warm the cockles of the fiercest creature before grabbing it by the hand and forcing it to dance


“the reason im drawn to this (shy & the fight) is because it has a huge heart”- Adam Walton,bbc radio wales

“a huge one that beats on its own without need for an external body. i heard that they keep it in a giant custom-made jar, in a dingy basement”- Tom Redfern