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Listings for April 1st, 2011

APPEARING ON Friday, April 1st, 2011

The BrassBastardz

£4 Entry


BrassBastardz was given birth in Vilnius during the last days of 2002. Since then not only that the band members have changed, but also the music has changed cardinally. It’s hard to categorize, but the similarity between their past creations and the new ones, is the combinations of many styles. Currently the core of the band is: Alvydas Maciulskas (sax, vocals, keys, drum machine), Aurimas Rimeikis (trumpet, keys, vocals) and Daiva Starinskaite aka Divah Dee (main Vocals, percussions).
It all started when Aurimas and Alvydas where still in musical conservatory. One day Alvydas passed a small room where Aurimas was rehearsing and invited him to form a band. Since then BrassBastardz was alive at least in their heads, as from 2002 to 2009 was a mystic period for the band. Almost no concerts except some: opening act for Jimi Tenor, Kaunas Jazz Festival. On the other hand 4 vinyl’s where released, which have been spun by various DJ all over. A great contribution to this being the fact that a line of designer eye-wear from very same vinyl with BrassBastardz music was released. It was called Vinylize and it’s still alive.
In 2005 the first video for BrassBastardz song Jiemah was created, which won nominations in Lithuania for “Best debut of the year” along with “most stylish video” in TANGO TV awards 2005.
After a long brake Brassbastardz revived. The rebirth took place in “Live Music Club Tamsta”, where the band presented there first full album combining the past and the present. The first show was a full-house event. The interest in the band and there new and old songs rose and shortly they got invitations to most popular festivals and various performances in Lithuania as well as neighboring countries, some of them are: “Tamsta Muzika”, “Vilnius Mama Jazz Festival” , “Satta Outside”, Be2Gether, opening act for Gotan Project, Don Chento Jazz Festival (playing before Candy Dulfer).
In the beginning of 2010 BrassBastardz released their full album called “Waiting”. It’s a collection of all the singles, demos and new tracks, which were brought together and framed into one conclusive album. The band keeps moving and currently is working on a new album called “Synthezatorium”.