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Listings for May 14th, 2011

APPEARING ON Saturday, May 14th, 2011

The Bulawayo Band (Zimbabwe)

Saturday 14th May – £4 Entry

The infectious music of Bulawayo, Cecilia Ndhlovu’s entrancing mbira thumb-piano and hypnotic and joyous Ndebele and Shona vocals take listeners on an educational journey through Zimbabwean tradition. Driven by classic jit-jive guitar and rolling chimurenga bass matched with the powerful drum patterns of modern Zimbabwe, the classic sound of Bulawayo has arrived.

Cecilia grew up in Bulawayo in Matabeleland, southern Zimbabwe. She learned to dance at school where because of her natural talent she was known as ‘magida omncane’ or little dancer.  When she was 16 she joined the national dance troupe Black Umfolosi and several years later she began to sing, dance and tour the world with one of Zimbabwe’s biggest stars, Oliver Mtukudzi. She worked with Oliver for 6 years and recorded 5 albums before moving to England.

After entertaining audiences at ‘The London African Music Festival 2010’ and now with a four strong line up of mbira, lead guitar, bass and drumkit the group reflects the sound of modern Zimbabwe with a universal energy that appeals to all

Cecilia Ndhlovu – Mbira, vocals

Zivai Guveya – Lead Guitar

Edd Bateman – Bass

Paul Kuzinya – Drum kit



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