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Listings for July 30th, 2011

APPEARING ON Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Cantaloop [+]

£4 Entry

Cantaloop’s mission is to provide 800% of C-funk with a satisfaction guarantee! This can be delivered to an intimate crowd or to the masses. Cantaloop are fronted by the C-funk messenger Dannie Dee with his trussed C-funk doctors 100C on guitar and Paulo De’Wooton on bass. No band is absolute without the engine and Cantaloop have two F1 Groove machines to choose from The Beef or King Popeye on drums.

The Horns of Plenty under the orders of Sugar lips with his 1st mate Ni-co launch their monster horn lines throwing down Phat dollops of Funkelicious Brass. When all these elements combust the Cantaloop Brotherhood always let the people know they are “CHAAAC-LAT.” Cantaloop are a true urban Funk outfit.