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Listings for September 3rd, 2011

APPEARING ON Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

Newrising [+]

Free admission before 9pm , £4.00 thereafter

“Liquid guitar, great flow, sharp groove. Playing so tight you just couldn’t slip a Rizla between any of the beats.”

…Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music – March 2010)

“There might not be – and may never be – another musical entity like them.”

…Alan Clayson (Rock n’ Reel – Feb 2010 – 4/5*)

“This is acoustic folk with funk, drive, passion and power. There’s a wealth influence encapsulated in their songs – everything from folk storytelling through Afro-bass bounced funk to blues-influenced angst. Close three part harmonies weave together to create a musical tapestry of colour and depth. Adam lays down the groundwork on which Jay builds his guitar and vocals, while Tom provides a solid anchor for their music.”

…Folkwords .com