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Listings for October 30th, 2011

APPEARING ON Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Open Mic Session – Down Down Depo & Done

Free Entry

As if Halloween wasn’t scary enough Depo & Chris Done (Shy and The Fight) are hosting a special Open Mic Session. Down Down Depo & Done would like to invite you to the Telford’s stage requesting each and every one of you learn a classic 70’s rock song. Take inspiration from the likes of Status Quo, ACDC, Bowie, Led Zepp and Meatloaf. Dear to scare and become your own rock god with face melting solo’s on your weapon of choice, be it an acoustic version of Gary Moore’s Still got the Blues or a bongo interpritation of Van Halen’s Hot For Teacher. And with it being Halloween weekend you won’t look out of place dressed as your hero’s of ROCK!