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Listings for November 4th, 2011

APPEARING ON Friday, November 4th, 2011

The Calimocho Club [+]

Friday 4th November

Free admission before 9pm, £4 thereafter


The Calimocho Club are as raw and low-rent as the drink that inspired their name.

Salfordian natives Gary L Hope (Vox/Guitar) and Tom Pickford (Drums) deal in a gloriously ragged concoction of fuzzy two-man blues.
Like the drink, the outcome is tastier than the sum of their parts would suggest…

Gary backs his bittersweet soulful howl with fuzzed-up riffs.
Tom has designs on the frontman role; every attack of the drumkit is a challenge to his compadre.
The gauntlet is ALWAYS accepted; The result is electrifying…

Their debut EP ‘Whoa Whoa, Hey Hey’ is 13 minutes and 5 tracks of trash blues soul, recorded amidst a haze of rum, cigarettes and a desire to just get the tracks down.

Recorded or live, the vein is the same.
Pitch up.
Plug in.