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Listings for November 19th, 2011

APPEARING ON Saturday, November 19th, 2011

The Loose Kites [+]

Free Before 9pm, £4 Thereafter

With DJ Greg Fenton

Hometown heroes the loose kites come at you all guns a’blazin’ at their favourite Chester venue, Telfords Warehouse for a very special gig on Saturday November 19th.

Not only will they provide you with all their hits, new songs, and trademark banter, but the guys will also be raffling a signed Farida acoustic guitar. The proceeds from the raffle will be given to chaaaarity. Dig deep, and rock on.

The kites are truly one of Chester’s very best live bands, so be prepared to throw off your cares and worries, and smile the night away.



The five-headed, ten-legged monster should include Si, Jai, Oli, Mike and Josh, but you never know what might befall our heroes, in the line of duty. They’re even promising to bring Dom and Merlin on strings and brass respectively – so the monster has more heads and legs! Whilst their influences include Crosby, Stills & Nash and Simon & Garfunkel, they are guaranteed to bring something fresh and exciting to all of their performances.

Here they are then, the loose kites, your new favourite underground band.