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Listings for November 24th, 2011

APPEARING ON Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Rusty Mahones Big Birthday Boll**ks [+]

Thursday 24th November – Free Entry

Having missed last years Christmas party, Rusty has decided that this year he will instead mark his birthday.
He’s going to do it in the only way he knows how. With beer, music and possibly Cheese.

Musically you’ll be getting ‘The Friday Busking club’ ‘Full House’ and Rusty himself plus some possible surprises.

‘The Friday Busking Club’ are one half of Chesters biggest drinking band and folk rock dinosaurs, ‘The Family Mahone’ who have played the likes of Cambridge, Glastonbury and Loddington village hall.

‘Full House’ are a Cestrian folk band who’s sparkling arrangements of traditional and self penned material have enlivened dance floors from Kent to Edinburgh.

Rusty is an accordion player, beer drinker and a singer who has been playing music in a hopeless attempt to clear his bar tab since 1980. In 1981, with his then band ‘Aunt Thelma’s Candlelight Orchestra’ he helped to raise nearly £50.00 by busking in the local pubs. The money was raised to ease the plight of poor under-age drinkers in the Northamptonshire Ghetto, and as the band were still all 17 they put it to good use the following evening.

You’ll get rollocking jigs, rousing choruses, and I doubt we’ll be able to avoid ‘happy birthday’ at midnight.

There might be balloons, there is a possibility of cake and an outside chance of a commemorative beer.

It’s free to get in and promises to be one hell of an evening- bollocks and all!