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Listings for January 13th, 2012

APPEARING ON Friday, January 13th, 2012

Emanuel & The Fear (USA)

Free Entry Before 9pm, £4 Thereafter

With DJ Adam Walton (BBC Radio)

Emanuel and the Fear is a Brooklyn Rock Outfit (from here on out referred to as BRO).  There are many BRO’s in today’s world, but Emanuel and the Fear is the only one that brings 1-200 band members to the stage depending on how they’re feeling that particular evening.

You’re probably wondering what this BRO sounds like?  So are they.

Until they figure that out, they’ve been known to sound like a synth pop band, a heavy metal act with strings, an Irish pub band, a riot, a summer storm, 336 spiders/ants crawling up you legs and into your ears, a classic rock band, a really bad power ballad that despite knowing it’s really bad everyone loves, and due to their recent popularity…The Arcade Fire.  It’s members play/have worked with the likes of The National, From Autumn to Ashes, Sufjan Stevens, Zao, Akron/Family, Ryan Star, and The Canadian Brass.

Having spent hours laboring in the studio for their first two releases, the band took a more organic approach for the new self-released EPHands, by writing and rehearsing the tracks in the 2 months they toured Europe in 2010.  They then recorded and mixed the whole record in 4 days, mostly live in the studio.

“Hands” will be released exactly June 10th, 2011 and will be available everywhere, thanks to the internet. It will be leaked approximately one month prior to June 10th, 2011 also thanks to the internet.

This BRO has been written about!  Sources from the likes of Flavorpill, NME, Village Voice, The Guardian, Paste, Rolling Stone (Germany) and Vice (Germany) have all had something nice to say about Emanuel and the Fear.   They’ll be playing this summer around the northeast of America and are currently booked for the End of the Road Festival in England with a UK/Europe tour to follow.

Emanuel and the Fear may be, at any given time:

Drums – Jeff Gretz
Bass – Gil Goldin
Synth/Vocals – Dallin Applebaum
Guitar – Dan Tirer
Flute – Nic Cowles
Violin – Tom Swafford
Violin/Vocals – Liz Hanley
Cello – Brian Sanders
Trombone – David Nelson
Trumpet – Chris Coletti
Guitar/Piano/Vocals – Emanuel Ayvas


Tickets available online via SeeTickets