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Listings for June 28th, 2012

APPEARING ON Thursday, June 28th, 2012

The Glendale Family Presents Dark Patrick, Lazlo Baby and Kai Lena [+]

Free Entry


Dark Patrick


Actively touring Ukraine, U.K and Russia this Ukrainian/English duo never fails to grab and keep the attention of all kinds of audiences with their breathtakingly delicious musical cocktail.
Dark Patrick combine virtuoso playing on the Hurdy-Gurdy, Bandura, Whistles and Blues Harp with electronic sounds, atmospheric pads, effects and rhythms. This extraordinary phantasmagoric mix of musical styles is accompanied by spoken word and hypnotic haunting vocals.

Lazlo Baby

Sounds Like: The Baghdaddies, Balkan Aliens, Musik in the Kitchen, Pogues, Amsterdam Klezmer Band
Foot stomping gypsy folk flavoured with a little pirate and zombie seasoning. and some other stuff too.

The Glendale Family are a collective of musicians based in the North West, with members ranging from Scotland to Australia and a number of places in between. They can most aptly be described as a modern folk band, influenced by sea shanties, heroic figures, tall tales and the natural world. They are the purveyors of good vibes, with a clear motivation to share the energy they create whilst maintaining a gracious approach to their performance