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Listings for August 3rd, 2012

APPEARING ON Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Dr Butler’s Hatstand Medicine Band [+]

Free Before 9pm, £4 Thereafter

With DJ Adam Walton (BBC Radio)

In August 2006 Manchester’s dance culture took an unsuspected turn when Dr Butler’s Hatstand Medicine Band made their performance debut at the D-Percussion festival. Substituting glow sticks for kazoos and designer labels with pinstripe suits and bowler hats the band have successfully managed to blend style with musical substance; never have the words ‘unique’ and ‘refreshing’ been so applicable.

The principal line-up of the band consists of Dr Andrew ‘blind boy’ Butler (Harmonica, banjo-ukulele, kazoo, 5 string banjo and washboard), Papa John McKay (Guitar, ukulele, mandolin, kazoo and vocals) Black Jack Barnet (Double bass, Banjo guitar ukulele and vocals). The trio refer to themselves as a ‘good-time band’ and approach their music with two aims in mind – to make people dance and smile. Clad head-to-toe in vintage finery and wielding instruments one might expect to find adorning the walls of an antique shop the band are as much of a visual feast as they are an auditory one.

The most important elements of the bands music is undoubtedly the breadth of their song writing ability. With Butler, McKay and Black Jack we have three writers who come from very different musical backgrounds yet they have managed to combine their writing and performance styles to create an energetic, witty and engaging form of music.

With Dr Butler’s Hatstand Medicine Band, happy-days are here again.