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Listings for October 21st, 2012

APPEARING ON Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Open Mic Session with Stacey Cohen [+]

Free Entry

Stacey Cohen’s music is part folk, part storytelling, part metaphor, part mountain-stream. Her sound is part urban but flows with the poetics of the North Wales mountains where she lives.

Stacey’s debut album ‘Butterfly Kisses’ (2009) showcased a woman loud, proud and unafraid to speak her mind. Described as, “off-beat and quirky, haunting and poignant” and, “unique, dark, earthy”, Stacey is continually pushing the boundaries of her writing both lyrically and musically to produce tracks that have to be listened to again and again.

May 2011 will see the release of Stacey’s latest offering, an ep recorded in Feb 2011, during a short visit to her family in Uruguay.Brought together by Stacey’s Uncle, folk singer Juan Pendás. The songs are stripped down, embracing Stacey’s UK folk roots; whilst offering the perfect space for her authentic, unforgettable vocals.

Singing live, Stacey has captivated audiences across the UK and beyond with intense, inspiring performances that effuse with love, intimacy and the energy of a woman who knows how to own the stage. Stacey’s vibrancy and spirit are engaging a fan base that is growing along with her musical accomplishments, guaranteeing a stunning show whenever she performs.