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Listings for December 14th, 2012

APPEARING ON Friday, December 14th, 2012

Cantaloop [+]

Free Before 9pm, £4 Thereafter

Cantaloop’s mission is to provide 800% of C-funk with a satisfaction guarantee! This can be delivered to an intimate crowd or to the masses. Cantaloop are fronted by the C-funk messenger Dannie Dee with his trussed C-funk doctors 100C on guitar and Paulo De’Wooton or Gus on bass. No band is absolute without the engine and Cantaloop have two F1 Groove machines to choose from The Beef or King Popeye on drums.

Under the orders of Captain Sugar Lips with his 1st mate, The Horns of Plenty launch their monster horn lines, throwing down Phat dollops of Funkelicious Brass. When all these elements combust the Cantaloop Brotherhood always let the people know they are “CHAAAC-LAT” Cantaloop are a true urban Funk outfit

Cantaloop played at various festivals and legendary venues including Glastonbury Festival (The Jazz World and Avalon stages), Montreux Jazz Festival (Montreux), Blue Balls Festival (Luzern), Moods (Zurich), The Flechedor (Paris), Paradiso (Amsterdam), Larmer Tree Festival (UK), Vicar Street (Dublin), Barrowlands (Glasgow), Ashton Court (Bristol), Jazz Café (London), Cargo (London), Carling Academy (Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol), Rock City (Nottingham)

The ‘Chocolate’ EP is the latest funk-fuelled sweetener from the awesome ‘Cantaloop’. Often described as ‘one of the best live bands out there’ this sees them ever pushing the boundaries in their genre and treating us to their unique ‘C-Funk’ song craft.

Chocolate – is just that, Sweet…. you want more and you bloody-well get it!, this track will sneaks up on ya and twat ya hard and repeatedly from all directions! Just like Ernie the chicken from Family Guy only difference is…. this feels goooooood!!!!

Feisty – kicks off the e.p with the bass bouncing and the Super-Duper-Funk horn line cutting a rug in your minds funk gland. Guitars that sound like Hammond organs but then fire up funkness that the old skool brothers would be proud of, alongside a front line social comment with a chorus hook line as big as J-lo’s butt.

Blessed – this is a tune which shows just how many different places Cantaloop can take you! The guitars start with a sweet line that sticks and pushes. Old skool hip hop vocals which ignite with the horns in the chorus, the trumpet solo is pure summer day cruising along a ocean freeway smoking cigarettes (when ciggies were good) with the top down, fired up by a back beat that just gets you were you need to go! The crescendo towards the end will give you another cigarette (was it good for you?) moment!!! Eeeemmm oh yeah.

Flatline – The curve ball of the e.p it introduces itself as a acoustic finger clicking lament to all things Cantaloop then rocks up with some fuzz fresh guitar sound that mutates into a Mississippi delta Blues Sonny boy Williamson blues harp riff that rocks back up at the end to show while the Cantaloop brotherhood have the know-how to push things forward, they can also take ya back!!