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Listings for March 2nd, 2013

APPEARING ON Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

Heymoonshaker [+]

Free Before 9pm, £4 Thereafter

With DJ Tony Bear

Beatbox Blues Duo Heymoonshaker have created a fresh sound that is intriguing audiences all over the world. Their Youtube busking videos prove their international appeal with over 10 million views in total”….

Some people may argue that Beatboxing is nothing more than a gimmick or a simple party trick, Dave Crowe one half of Heymoonshaker, a master of this trade, would disagree. After honing his talent and pushing his skills to the point of human implausibility, he opted to take these skills and turn them into an art form. This transition was made possible when Crowe met Andy Balcon, in New Zealand, 2009; a blues guitarists with uncompromising musicianship and a voice that howls like a wolf. Since their meeting they successfully embarked on a pursuit of musical reinvention and discovery. Premiering on the streets of Nelson (New Zealand), they broke free from the everyday backpacker trail of vineyards and youth hostels, and instead took there talents to the East Coast bar circuit which led them to Christchurch where the sound was shaped. After a break to focus on solo projects, the pair reunited in order to continue what they had started. Their sound is now true fusion, harmonizing urban sounds and deep bass with a roots mentality and blues, rock and roll rhythms. Heymoonshaker are far from being a party trick and have their feet firmly in the 21st century.
Believers in an alternative life style of constant travel, Crowe and Balcon have been taking their unique stage show around the world since February 2012, from Sweden to Australia, Switzerland to New Zeland, Germany to France and Italy. Recording their debut album (self titled) at Wetlab studio’s with music maestro Viktor Benzen – Shaker captured the frame for what has grown into an unexplainable musical spirit.

Their presents in the UK continues to grow too, in terms of live status and online reach, with a summer tour visiting Beach Break Live, Greenman Festival, Shambala, Wilderness and Kendal Calling; and seeing a constant growth of views for their Youtube hit ‘Cream F Feeling’. With a hardcore gigging schedule, relentless live energy, unique performance style and musical clarity Heymoonshaker are a band to place your chips on.