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Listings for March 19th, 2013

APPEARING ON Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Crackling Vinyl presents Sex Hands + Irma Vep [+]

Tuesday 19th March – Tickets £6.00 Advance


Split 12” single on Song, By Toad out now:

http://songbytoadrecords.com/paws/song-by- toad-split-12

‘Way No Way’: http://youtube.com/watch?v=FQ4ntdd7AEU

Sex Hands are three childhood best friends from North Wales, and one new pal from Manchester via Runcorn, making music inspired by the hit TV series Friends. Taking in members of NW notables Klaus Kinski, Irma Vep and Waiters, they enigmatically straddle the line between uniquely irresistible melodic delights, and unhinged macho-man party anthems. Your curiosity may already have been piqued by their recent, excellent (and free to download) collection ‘Series 1’. This though is proudly their first appearance on vinyl, and sees them flex their muscle through pulse-rasing standouts; ‘Way, No Way’, and ‘Ichiban’.

(from the IceCapades website)

“Shouted, brilliant lo-fi.”


“They write songs The Vaccines would give up their substantial inheritances for. They’re potentially as game changing as Pavement were. They’re Wales’ best new band.”





Limited edition vinyl LP ‘HAHA’ available now on Turquoise Coal. Promo video, of sorts: http://youtube.com/watch?v=UZRuNmPx_3Q

Irma Vep is the solo incarnation of Klaus Kinski drummer Edwin Stevens. Turquoise Coal’s debut release, HAHA is in fact the tenth full length Irma Vep album, although the `irst to appear on vinyl. We think it is the best thing we have heard in ages.

In the great tradition of drummers’ solo albums, HAHA is more ‘Oar’ than ‘No Jacket Required’, more Nixon & Jarvis than Ringo Starr, and bears little relation to Klaus Kinski’s fearsome “broken glass dipped in napalm and rammed up your nostrils” sound.

The LP is a stark, stripped down and intimate affair, achingly personal and uncompromising. Edwin plays everything himself… through amps… onto tape. The record was recorded in two days last November and the resolutely lo-`i result radiates an unpolished warmth seeped in melancholy, guilt, humour, sex, disgust and other stuff.

HAHA is no single-gear ride though – tracks like ‘What’s That in Your Mouth‘ and ‘All People Are Poison‘ see Edwin rocking out with abandon, perfectly complementing the affecting poignancy of songs like ‘There’s Nothing Wrong with Feeling Wrong‘ and ‘Be a Mother‘. Edwin reckons that HAHA is the most normal thing he’s ever done – happily on this occasion, ‘normal’ has no connection with ‘mundane’ and it turns out to also be one of the very best things he’s ever done.

You won’t hear a more human record this year. HAHA’s understated magic stands alongside the likes of the Velvet Underground’s 3rd album, Skip Spence’s “Oar”, Big Star’s 3rd, Neil Young’s “On the Beach”, Leonard Cohen’s “Songs of Love and Hate” or early Palace Brothers… without sounding at all like any of them.

The record comes as a numbered edition of 200 copies in screenprinted sleeve by Dylan Hughes with exclusive art print insert by Alexandra Humphreys together with a CD of the album so you can also groove while on the move.






Crackling Vinyl began in November 2011 as an excuse for music enthusiasts, Adam Walton, Ben ‘Soundhog’ Hayes and Elin Bach to play their favourite records in their favourite music venue (Telford’s Warehouse, Chester) far away from the weekend madness of endless requests for the kind of R&B that wasn’t pressed on Chess Records.

Crackling Vinyl evolved to encompass live music. They would bring unique and acclaimed artists to Chester for the first time, at a very affordable price: a high quality watermark in a city keen to experience the best, upcoming touring artists.

Previous live guests at Crackling Vinyl have included: Gallops, Paper Aeroplanes, Katell Keineg, Alun Tan Lan, Gulp, Zervas & Pepper, Euros Childs, Cate Le Bon, Laura J. Martin, Y Niwl, Colorama, Richard James, H. Hawkline, Mowbird, Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog, Toy Horses, T.G. Elias, Georgia Ruth, Chris T-T, Sex Hands, Irma Vep, She Makes War, Sam Airey, Houdini Dax, The Gentle Good, Trwbador, Golden Fable, The Wellgreen, Pulco, Harry Keyworth, Greta Isaac, Atlas Twins, Jessica Ball, Sophie Ballamy, Bright Young People – a fascinating selection of artists who have graced Radio 1, 6Music, Radio 2 and Radio Wales.

Crackling Vinyl DJ’d for the whole weekend at this year’s Green Man Festival (the Walled Garden stage). We also hosted an acclaimed day of live music – and night of excellent records (including guest DJ’s Martin Carr [Boo Radleys] & Liz Hunt [The School]) – at this year’s S?n festival in Cardiff and were invited to DJ The Joy Formidable’s first North Wales show in over two years.

It has been an eventful first 12 months for Crackling Vinyl.

Crackling Vinyl’s next event is on Tuesday 19th March at Telford’s Warehouse, Chester and features Sex Hands and Irma Vep.

Crackling Vinyl also DJ stone classics from the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s: psych / soul / pop / garage / r ‘n’ b every other Friday night at Telford’s Warehouse in Chester, with live music that encompasses some of the more serrated bands that we love. Please see the website for full details.

Adam Walton* is BBC Radio Wales’ longstanding new music presenter with a particular love for lysergic soul, off kilter Welsh pop and 60’s oddities. Adam’s late night, weekend radio show is a haven for strange and original Welsh sounds.

Ben ‘Soundhog’ Hayes is one of the most respected record collectors, music enthusiasts, DJ’s and ‘bootleggers’ in the UK. At the vanguard of the new millennium’s fascination with ‘bastard pop’ Ben earned support and respect all over Europe, from the likes of XFM, MTV & BBC Radio 1. A recent return to bootlegs (Whole Lotta Helter Skelter – brilliantly grafting The Beatles to Led Zeppelin) has earned tens of thousands of views on YouTube and airplay on 6Music and Radio Wales. His DJ sets extol a kaleidoscopic love of music, particularly Moog synthesisers and compressed acoustic guitars.

Elin Bach is an artist, a librarian and record lover from Mold, Flintshire. Her philosophy is brilliant and simple: all 7”s, “nothing after 1972”. Expect to hear anything from Georgie Fame to something inspirational and half-?forgotten in the Welsh mother tongue. If you are very good, she will do a little dance behind the DJ booth. It’s a manifestation of the joy she has for the records she plays.

“pretty cool… loads of interesting sounding musicians”

Cerys Matthews, 6Music

“a set of evenings dedicated to genuinely brilliant  music.”

Ian Hughes, Daily Post

You can hear part of one of our DJ sets here:



Fri 22nd February                  The Keys

Fri 8th March                         The Bluebottle Veins

Tue 19th March                      Irma Vep / Sex Hands

Fri 22nd March                      My First Tooth

Tue 2nd April                          Sen Segur / Siddi

Fri 5th April                            The Jar Family

Fri 19th April                          Wilson Minds

Tue 30th April                        Sweet Baboo