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Listings for March 31st, 2013

APPEARING ON Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Easter Sunday Open Mic Session with Rusty Mahone [+]

Free Entry

Easter Sunday Open Mic Party

This year, Easter Sunday happens to coincide with Rusty Mahone hosting our open mic night.

Wow! Anyone would think we plan these things! Rusty has a lot of plans for this night, including the debut of his new project ‘The Green Smoke Hokum Band’ and a blistering set from Motion Empire to let you dance yourselves into Bank Holiday Monday.

Open mic slots are available too with registration closing early at 8.30- although Rusty is good at fitting in late comers. Feel free to contact Rusty via https://www.facebook.com/mahonesofchester if you want to book a spot in advance. There will, unusually be a drum kit available along with limited back-line, and sets will be three songs or 15 minutes- whichever is shorter.

Live music from 8.30 until 11.30 with real ale. tequila and banter! Why on earth would you stay in?

The Green Smoke Hokum Band

Not very long ago a man was sat up the dusty end of Chester Library when, suddenly a book fell on his head. It vanished into his pocket and the man left the library. The book was old and told stories of Chester. Specifically it was about Bryn Mullhanon, rouge, chancer, brewer and allegedly, smuggler.

These stories have not been aired for many years, but they tell of love, danger and battles with the excise men. It tells the story of the Beeston Dragon, and Bryn’s last stand when ‘The Bootle Boys’ as the Excise’s thugs were known, attempted to destroy the brewery under the castle. Bryn died, but the Brewery was saved.

It tells of a racy inter-county wedding that only happened after a dangerous elopment- the girls dress was found afterwards and people thought that the Dragon had eaten her. The Dragon really existed- it was a preserved elephants head on a cart, and it looked fearsome as it spouted flame from the top of the hill. It stank too, but it did keep people’s noses out of the castle.

Such Epic Mythology must be heard, so in a mysterious crypt under one of Chester’s finest drinking dens The Green Smoke Hokum Band was formed. Four musicians assembled. Four muso’s of Pedigree. Chums for a month and destined now, before your eyes, to bring the real History of Cheshire to life.

The Incredible String Band, Whitesnake, Mansun, Barclay James Harvest, Tower Struck Down, Peter Kaye, Rolf Harris, The Family Mahone. Thea Gilmore.

Not a bad festival line up, but that’s just a quick list of people who have worked with members of this self dubbed ‘stupor group’

Fluff on fiddle, Pip on bass, Andy on percussion and Rusty on accordion and guitar provide the heartache and fireworks pre-requisite for such a grandiose project.

Expect gypsy-jazz, punk attitude and anthems, madchester dance rhythms, stirring marches and heart rending ballads that will leave you singing along and believing every bit of the story.

It is just possible that a 1/12 scale balsa wood model of Beeston Castle may descend into the audience.

Motion Empire

Motion Empire a 3 piece band from the Chester area, combine Rock and indie elements perfectly, with the upbeat catchy melodies of indie music and the big riffs of the rock world. The blend of alternative rock and indie rock sound comes from Ben Lee on guitar and vocals, John Hall on bass and Mark French on drums and vocals, all combining to make one awesome wall of energy and sound.

The band has gradually expanded their sound to include a variety of genres, and are continuously expanding their song repertoire with a mixture of amazing originals and creative covers.

“An indie / alternative 3 piece from Chester, with strong musicality and rhythmic drive”

-Wirral Festival of firsts

“A fresh face on the alternative rock scene, motion empire present us with a blend of indie rock and post 90’s alt rock. FFO: PLACEBO, SMASHING PUMPKINS”

-Exes & Crosses