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Listings for April 13th, 2013

APPEARING ON Saturday, April 13th, 2013

Modou N’Diaye & Kassa Afro [+]

Free Entry Before 9pm, £4 Thereafter

Master Drummer and kora player Modou N’diaye is a member of the famous Cissokho family of Griot musicians and oral historians from the Casamance region of Southern Senegal. As a virtuoso drummer and percussionist with a superb repertoire of rhythms, he plays a variety of West African instruments ranging from djembe, sabar and talking drum to his leading instrument, the 22-string kora (West African harp).

Growing up within a griot family in Ziguinchor, Modou learnt to play the kora from the age of 5. These traditional influences continue to inspire his music today. He is very proud of his heritage and has developed his own unique style over the years. The group Modou N’Diaye & Kassa Afro blend together with beautiful harmonies, the dulcet yet lively tones of the kora, bass guitar, calabash, djembe and the occasional appearance of the heart-warming vibrant Fulani flute fusing together traditional and modern sounds.

Since his arrival in the UK and after mesmerizing audiences at Glastonbury Festival 2002, he became a regular performer and teacher at both Womad Charlton Park and Drumcamp from 2002 until present.