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Listings for June 8th, 2013

APPEARING ON Saturday, June 8th, 2013

Mamma Freedom

Free Before 9pm, £4 Thereafter

Likened to a split personality, they knock you out with one hand, while picking you up with the other. It’s like watching a storm flatten a building, with anger and fury one minute, then seeing the sun break through the next. It morphs from chaotic to calm in the beat of a drum. A lethal combination of heavy, moody, hard driven, beat laden funk rock, and hip-hop and soaring, warming, uplifting soul with raunchy blues.

Mix in a heavy Sly and  & the Family Stone 70’s funk influence, Zeppelin / Black Crowes – style drive, soaring cinematic strings, and powerful harmonies weaved together by Producer Alexander Johnston using his unique production styles and wall of sound, and delivered by singer/brother J, whose gravel driven, velvet tinged, soul soaked voice scales effortlessly through the range of life’s emotions. Having gained global reputation as one of the best new bands, they are selling out venues, playing to capacity crowds and sending them home happy with a tight, explosive live show. Signed to In Touch Records and Managed by Charles Carlini of the Carlini Group both in New York whose artists include world famous Oscar winning composer Ennio Morricone, Eumir Deodato and Keith Emerson, the band has set up a base in the Big Apple and in the last 18 months the band took has taken Hollywood by storm, with company meetings and  film scores being currently discussed.

Already and influence on their peers and counting Hollywood actors and film producers as among their fans, They have just recorded and released the main theme song to an Apple iStory called The Gift and brothers Alexander and J Johnston wrote the full orchestral score for the project and have written and produced for million selling artists including 3 no.1 sellers.

Mamma Freedom will be touring the USA and UK in 2013/14

‘Preachers and Criminals’ is out now on In Touch / CMI Music Group

” ***** ” – London Evening Standard

“Stunning” Karen Gabay BBC Radio

“Superb 7 strong Mancunian Funk/Rock task force” – Bristol Metro..

“Genuinely thrilling” – Manchester Metro

“Most of you already know who these are” – Paul O’Brien Manchester Online..

“Brilliant!” – Manchester Evening News