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Listings for July 11th, 2013

APPEARING ON Thursday, July 11th, 2013

REPENT feat. Tiro Lark

Free Entry

The Sound You’ll Hear (aka THE SUPREME TRUTH)

GOOD STRONG MUSIC. It will be both VARIOUS and EXTRA SPESH. we do not understand the point of Rihanna but we know that Wu-Tang are forever.

Humans (aka The GOOD and the BADASS)

We play music for good people who have ears and like denim: skinny jeans, baggy jeans, cut-off into hot-pants jeans. And jeans that have Nice’d Up a Dance or two in their time

Drinking (aka The RAPTURE aka The LIBATION)

Two pint buzz is the world’s best buzz: we sell pints. Two-cocktail buzz is also excellent and often too expensive: but not here. Two for one on a variety of lip-smacking brain-shaking cocktails.

Tequila (aka The TEMPTATION of Jesus Chris)

In the year 1600, Tequila was invented by crazy a Mexican especially for lco Cestrians. THAT’s YOU! Together we will celebrate the intelligence and kindness of Don Pedro Sanchez de Tagle by letting you pay 100pesos £1 for one Tequila. Mucho Calor: No Doubt.

Tiro Lark

Tiro Lark 2


Four lads make up the group Tiro Lark. A group which is creating quite a buzz locally and soon to be nationally.

There’s not a lot to say and I’m not going to fluff this up to fill space. They are young, refreshing and new, like the sound they create. Prepare to become a Tiro Lark follower. This is NOT a group to miss.