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Listings for November 2nd, 2013

APPEARING ON Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

Everything Is Now presents… Gabby Young & Other Animals [+]

Free Before 9pm, £4 Thereafter

Gabby Young’s twisting roots have carried her and that stunning voice from her native Wiltshire around the UK to land with a bang at the centre of London’s music scene. The youngest ever recruit to the National Youth Choir at the age of 12, Gabby was on track to become an opera singer until Jeff Buckley and the jazz greats inspired her to switch teams. ‘My family was equestrian and sporty, but I liked being by myself – a bit of a recluse, really. Still, I did all the styles from goth to hippy to punk.’

Whilst still in her teens Gabby frequented open mic nights and played with a spectrum of bands before recording her first solo record in her bedroom before she turned 21. Gabby’s unique perspective of the world around her is inspired as much by imagination as real events, but whenthyroid cancer threatened to take her classically trained voice at the age of 22, she got serious about recording her stories. Using her recovery time to pen her melodies, Gabby took in global influences to fuel her heartfelt emotion which shines through her beautifully haunting songs. ‘I feel blessed rather than afflicted,’ she says simply.

Gabby promoted gigs at and built up audience at the Ear Music nights at Monkey Chews, the infamous Kentish Town pub where she met drummer and guitarist (and beau) Stephen Ellis.In 2008 Gabby formed the 8-piece band who complete the magical musical fairground we know today, using a wide range of instruments, most notably trumpet, trombone, piano and clarinet. Young’s avant-garde fusion of globally-influenced folk combines Balkan brass, jazz and swing in an aural antiques shop from the future to produce what has been affectionately dubbed Circus Swing by those who realised there was no existing genre to encompass Young’s sound. Read more… »