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Listings for November 17th, 2013

APPEARING ON Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Open Mic Session with special guest host Hanami [+]

Free Entry

Open Mic as usual but with special guest host Hanami. They will be around from 8pm to organise the running order and will play a feature slot part way through to coinced with their latest album release. Read a bit more about them below…


Hanami is a duo born from the necessity to keep their gypsy souls
alive whilst celebrating street music as a protest against an
unsatisfying and wasteful society. Their love of nature and music
combines in the title of their debut studio album ‘Philomelos” due to
be released in November through Smugglers Records. “Philomelos”
comes from the ancient Greek tongue and means song loving, by
way of a song bird.
As part of the album’s release in November, Hanami will hit the road
throughout England and France to perform at all their favourite
venues. In the spring of 2014 Hanami will also return to mainland
Europe in search of new street corners and music lovers.
Their strange and enchanting combination of psychedelic folk,
acoustic guitar and marching drum, along with male/ female
harmonies has kept audiences hooked in cities across Europe for the
past three years. Living the life of the busker has given obvious
strength to their vocals and helped them to build a captivated
audience. Chanted protests, jingle jangle crooners and eerie folk
tales of the road come together in a colourful explosion on this rare
debut and are sure to stand the test of time.