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Listings for December 17th, 2013

APPEARING ON Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Thea Gilmore – The Christmas Party [+]

Standing concert – SOLD OUT


“Here’s to tonic, here’s to gin, here’s to sparks and here’s to gasoline…” You’re The Radio

We are lucky to have musicians like Thea Gilmore, musicians that want more from themselves and more from music than some pre-formed, whistle-friendly cud, something to chew on but never fully digest. In an age where artists – male and female – tend to be either hyper-sexualised or completely neutered, Gilmore is that rare creature, an actual adult with a heart and a soul, a grown up with an opinion. Thea Gilmore is a real person tackling the sort of issues real people deal with every day, only, unlike the rest of us, she tackles those issues with an utterly beautiful voice and songs that touch on folk and jazz and rock and Americana.

Not for no reason does Bruce Springsteen buy her records, do artistes ranging from Martha Wainwright to Mike Scott seek to collaborate with her, and not for no reason does Tom Waits’ celebrated percussionist Michael Blair appear on Murphy’s Heart, Gilmore’s tenth album – one that follows a sustained period of artistic and critical success.

2008’s Liejacker was a deeply personal collection that included a track with Joan Baez. It was, in Gilmore’s words, “the lovechild of whisky and heartache”. The Observer seemed to agree, noting that these songs would, “make your heart catch, your skin prickle and your eyes fill with tears”, which seems a good place to start. The Times said that last year’s Strange Communion was so good it just proved that Gilmore is, “unarguably one of the finest singer-songwriters of her generation.”  There is the sense of a tipping point being reached. Album ten is a serious landmark release in anyone’s book except, perhaps, that one owned by the artist in question.