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Listings for January 17th, 2014

APPEARING ON Friday, January 17th, 2014

The Daymons EP Launch [+]

Friday 17th January

Free Before 9pm, £4 Thereafter

plus DJ Lowrider

Coming straight outta Chester, via too many vias to get into, the daymons got it together in late 2012, though their collective history goes back many more years… Jim, Tim, Guy… Through shared houses in lesser parts of London Town, call-centre drudgery and pre-dawn raves in abandoned cinemas… Through Britpop nearly weres, hard rock players, electronica, dub-step before anyone had called it that, and the world’s first ‘Roses tribute, these fellas have been around the block and beyond, landing back in the old town; same place, same time.

The trio in an attic, two acoustics and a muted trumpet … Let’s do it… Trio became quartet with Richie B… hair, vibes, folk and relative youth … Quintet then, with Fran, first time bassist and born to do it… Five in a pub car park, someone knows a drummer (someone always knows a drummer) … Five become six … he’s a drummer, yes, but also a tickler of ivories, a singer of harmonies, a teller of tales. Six of the best then… lots of guitars, a horn … lots of singers and more song-writers than a New York café in ‘66 … they’re doing it ‘cause they love it and, man, they love to do it.

The Daymons EP cover

Recorded at Aerial Studios over two days, engineered and produced by
Andrea Wright, this EP features four tracks that showcase the daymons
song-writing and sound.

“…clear and bright, full of movement and optimism. As a six piece they are musically complex yet open sounding and dis-tinct. There are some fabulous harmonies going on as the vo-cals switch and change from one performer to another. Here choruses add and amplify rather than diluting the songs… theirs is a great sound with melodies that stay with you.”
Rebecca Sowray, writing for Chester Culture,