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Listings for April 11th, 2014

APPEARING ON Friday, April 11th, 2014

Blow Out presents… The Kindest Of Thieves

Free Before 9pm, £4 Thereafter

Kindest Of Thieves 1

Kindest of Thieves are songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Christopher J Fox and drummer Samuel L Lightfoot. Their dark, brooding, gothy and frankly noisy brand of rock & roll and roots music is unavoidably enjoyable. Whether their music is too melancholic or their live show is too intense for your tastes, you can’t be help but be perversely drawn in to the world in which Kindest of Thieves live and seethe.
Enigmatic songwriter Christopher J Fox pours his struggle with mental illness and misanthropic preaching’s into songs that sound truly liberating when accompanied by some of the biggest hooks and most aggressive guitar playing and drumming you’re likely to hear this year. Anthems for the downtrodden. Drummer Samuel L Lightfoot thrashes at his meagre drum kit, giving the listener the impression that he is sadistically giving the songs welts and lacerations to punctuate the macabre lyrics. A truly extraordinary match of two musicians.
Kindest of Thieves have thrust five releases onto the unsuspecting public this year, with another EP set for release before the year is through. Their gigging schedule has been equally as relentless, and a list of the venues they’ve assaulted with their mere presence this year is available by request.

Blow Out

Blow-Out is a fortnightly explosion of vintage ace for modern tastes: Hammond grooves, Northern soul stompers, lysergic fuzz and 60?s girl pop.
For lovers of If…, Booker T, The Prisoner, Dansettes, paisley shirts, handclaps, Vox AC30?s, Rita Tushingham, the A-line, the immortal, crackling genius of the 45.