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Listings for April 5th, 2014

APPEARING ON Saturday, April 5th, 2014

Everything Is Now presents… Black Star Dub Collective

Free Before 9pm, £4 Thereafter

Black Star Dub Collective 1


Black Star Dub Collective formed in the cold Winter of 2009/2010 with a desire to express their love of soundsystem culture. Forming in Manchester’s vibrant squat scene on Rusholme’s Dickenson Road the bands line up snowballed in to a full blown collective of members and participants who wanted to take their love of dub/reggae/roots and dancehall music to the next level. As well as wanting to sound there musical influences BSDC wanted to voice their social and political concerns to a wider audience combining bass heavy tunes with a tuff and radical political message.

After six months of constant gigging and touring including a tour of France the band released a split 12” on Pumpkin Records with dub punks Autonomads entitled ‘From Rusholme with Dub’ paying homage to their stamping ground. The band continued to gig heavily including a tour of Holland and festival appearances in summer 2012 alongside Bush Chemists, Mungos Hifi, and Dubkasm to name but a few. Now with their debut record almost totally sold out the band are about to release a 7” single produced by Manchester reggae legend Nucleus Roots productions and preparing for another year on the road with a fresh line up and more politically conscious bass driven sounds.