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Listings for May 17th, 2014

APPEARING ON Saturday, May 17th, 2014

Wilson Minds

Free Before 9pm, £4 Thereafter

Wilson Minds 1

Wilson Minds are a new three piece alt-rock band from northwest England. Lead by singer, guitarist and songwriter Paul Wilkes, who describes their sound as “modern bluesy dark rock n roll, with a twist of Americana.” The classy rhythm section is made up by James Brogan (bass /vocals) and Carl Brightman (drums).

The band have spent a very short time launching their explosive alt rock assault on the scene, and now have just finished their debut album ‘I Am We Are’ with legendary producer Chris Potter (Verve, Blur, I Am Kloot) who fell in love with Paul’s demos. These are salt of the earth kinda guys with no big attitudes, just playing boss tunes, whose influences go from Neil Young and Crazy Horse through to The White Stripes and beyond.  ”I’m a scouser, Carl’s from Winfsord, and James is from Manchester” says Paul “so between us we represent the whole of the North West, even though we sound like a seventies American rock band! It took me a long time to find two like-minded lads and we’ve gelled together brilliantly”.

Wilson Minds released their debut album ‘I Am We Are’ in the fall of 2013 to a sold out Zanzibar Club in Liverpool, on October 5th to their fans on a purely word of mouth basis. Paul says “There’s no clever marketing or hype built around the release, just purely great music getting out there to people who still appreciate listening to a full record. Once the album is out then we will look at the options with various labels and investors to exploit the record reaching a wider audience in 2014.”

The debut album features some guest performances from the likes of Damon Minchella (Ocean Colour Scene, Paul Weller) and Geoff Wootten (The Gorillaz, Beady Eye) along with Paul and the band, the expertise knowledge and feel of production from Chris Potter this record is surely one people all around the world will want to own one day.

Stay tuned…