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Listings for November 2nd, 2014

APPEARING ON Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

Open Mic Session with Hanami

Free Entry

Chester’s longest running open mic session is this week hosted by nomadic Hanami…


We move from town to town, city to city, country to country, we mirror our audience as they mirror us

Free forming foundations, two swans drifting untouchably out to sea, harmonic beans on toast, from the sky to the ground, living on the floor, cross stitching lines across time, children dream whilst nuzzling the velvet bust, houses built out at sea, singing shantys for sanity, clarity, freedom, future, past and present, getting off easy, twanging bellies before the heavy brick, rushing blood and air, careering toward the unknown in the promised Eastern horizon.

Feet on peddles, hands clamped to the wheels ringing, hair trailing behind, paws pounding, tounge lolling, nose sniffing, down the road mama down the road, the hound is following.

We’ll get there in the end.