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Listings for March 1st, 2015

APPEARING ON Sunday, March 1st, 2015

Open Mic Session with Andy Hickie [+]

Free Entry

Andy Hickie 1

Luckily Telford’s Warehouse is just outside Chester walls so Andy Hickie can rest assured that anyone with a crossbow will be arrested and locked up should they let fire in his direction. Still that is all in the past now and we Cestrians can embrace the St. David’s Day festivities and have a good old sing song. That’s what our Open Mic is all about so bring your weapon of choice (not a crossbow) and strut your stuff. Bendigedig!

we now host an acoustic jam session after midnight. Telford’s Acoustic Sessions invites any open mic’ers to stick around and have a good ol’ fiddle. if you would like any more information find Andy and pester him. Slots are available from 8pm.