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Listings for March 22nd, 2015

APPEARING ON Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Open Mic Session with Ashley Fayth [+]

Free Entry

Slots available from 8pm.

Ashley Fayth 1

Ashley Fayth’s whimsical songs are thoughtfully crafted and delivered, but with the simplicity and natural ease “of a clear river over rounded stones”, according to talent agent and industry guru Robert Singerman.

Hailing from the island of Newfoundland, a hotbed for some of Canada’s best storytellers and creative writers, the award-winning songstress delivers musical short stories saturated with colourful imagery and poetic prose.

David Farrell of Canadian entertainment blog NewCanadianMusic.com credits Fayth with having “a voice as clear and as beautiful as Waterford crystal,” and with “writing songs that are guiless enough to make you smirk and blush. In fact, it is not hard to call her sweetheart”.

Cleverly knit lyrics, playful rhythms, and flawless vocal delivery come together to form beautiful songs that are at once moving, witty, thought-provoking, and entertaining – a quirky yet enticing synthesis of the earthy and the ethereal.

And although Ashley’s dark side does surface in some of her more sombre and seductively haunting renditions, her sound is still overwhelmingly playful, refreshingly poppy, and irreproachably sweet.

The Newfie songbird moved to the UK last year to begin her Master’s thesis on The Importance of Green Space in 18thCentury British Literature but “got distracted” and wrote and recorded her single “Peanut Butter” which immediately picked up songwriting awards from both Universal Music and the Canadian Songwriters Association, leading Ashley to put her academic career on hiatus while she completed the album, Wonder Wonder.

Songs from Wonder Wonder were featured on BBC Radio 2, CBC Radio, and on more than 100 regional and national stations worldwide, at one point charting on college radio stations in the USA. “Peanut Butter” was also included alongside The Civil Wars and Los Lonely Boys on a compilation released by Inspire Entertainment.

Recently, Ashley has played showcases at CMJ in New York, South by Southwest in Austin, SoundCity in Liverpool, and Canadian Music Week in Toronto, and has been touring independently, in addition to representing Canada on theInternational Songwriters Tour, in the UK and North America.

Ashley is currently in the process of writing material for her new EP, I am the Bird scheduled to be released later this year.

Wonder Wonder is available for purchase in Ashley’s shop, on iTunes, and from all other major online music distributors. Visit Ashley’s website and join the mailing list to receive free downloads, news, and exclusive material.